Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A woven headband for Molly!

We had a 3rd Birthday party to attend today and I made this headband last night! I must do something about leaving it until the last minute!! I hope to start trying to weave one headband a night so I can get some ready to sell at our local craft shop! I was really happy with the final product!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poly clay sheep

I attempted these both to use on hairclips as well as on wall hangings. I like my big sheep the best with the little eye and eyelid although that was the fiddly part!!

My first attempt at hand embroidery!

Another Kate inspired idea. Kate found a little sheep embroidered on a bodysuit and this was my first attempt.

Hot fix rhinestone attempt #1

I decorated a tshirt for Grace with my logo sheep and part of my business name. A nice little advertisement for me one day I hope!! A little bit of mucking around and definately need to fine tune but again happy with the results!!

A present for De'lila'h

We were recently asked to a 1st Birthday party but had less than 24 hours until the big event. I had taken my business supplies with me thank goodness and decorated this little tshirt. I was happy with the result and can see myself making different styles of these tops once the girls are in bed at night. The little girl's name is Delilah but known as 'lila'. I haven't attempted much hand embroidery so I need to work on it a bit but all in all pretty happy with the results.

My first ballerina!

Here it is!! My first ballerina! I am really happy with how she has turned out. I haven't put the finishing touches on yet but I couldn't wait until I had finished to post this photo!! I have two very special orders to make now for two special little girls!! I think I have also decided to make a mini ballerina too! I can't wait to experiment with lots of different colours with the tule too!!